A new meeting session request has just been submitted by Mo Zanaty, a Chair of 
the netvc working group.

Working Group Name: Internet Video Codec
Area Name: Applications and Real-Time Area
Session Requester: Mo Zanaty

Number of Sessions: 1
Length of Session(s):  1.5 Hours
Number of Attendees: 50
Conflicts to Avoid: 
 First Priority: codec rtcweb dispatch sipcore mmusic perc cellar avtcore 
 Second Priority: xrblock clue rmcat

People who must be present:
  Adam Roach
  Jean-Marc Valin
  Timothy Terriberry
  Mo Zanaty
  Thomas Daede
  Alexey Filippov
  Natasha Rooney
  Steinar Midtskogen

Resources Requested:

Special Requests:
   Please make one of the 1080p projectors available for this session. Thanks!

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