Man...I live like 15 minutes from Albany (in fact I think there are
only like two Upstate NY vloggers), but I'll be on my honeymoon in
Bermuda. I doubt the cruise ship 'copter would fly me off for this
event.  More importantly, I doubt my marriage would make it through
its first week if I left mid-cruise.  This sounds v. cool though.


On 7/26/05, Thomas G Henry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello Omonike Akinyemi!!
> Thank you for your response! Albany is somewhat far for us but not out of
> the question. I'll have to coordinate with a driver. I could also see if
> someone closer would be interested in covering it and sending us the video.
> In fact I've CC'd some like-minded folks on this email. Any takers? Drivers?
> Credited Field Shooters?
> Also, would you be interested in coverage of the event itself or pre-show
> promo interviews? When do you envision this vlog episode being posted:
> before, during, or after the run of the play?
> Let me know and we'll work on dates n help!
> (Any interested volunteers please contact me for details.)
> Thanks!!
> Thomas G Henry
> Fax n Phone: 845.516.0005


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