I was talking to Verdi about this today.
I think I love it. I watched it on the web and I'm taping it on Tivo.

Let's forget our love affair with tech details for a moment (although it is funny they have
typepad blogs but non-rss vlogs--whatever).

There are three videos per person. One is the audition, the second is like ACTUALLY vlog-
like in nature... in fact, if you took a list of all the things pundits gripe about videoblogs,
you'd see those things in the second videos (bizarre camera moves, bad audio, shaky,
talking head-ness, etc). Then is the actual on-location vlog.

I was laughing my damn ass off at Ronnie's vlog.
And holy crap, they are *using* the term vlog.
That's gotta count for something.

I think we need to remember that this is a TV network. They have a business to run. They
have other stuff to promote. Going THIS deep into something new, there's gonna be an
exec that pushes back. We can't always have it ALL.

And I'm beginning to believe that it's not always about conversation.
We hear that about blogs. Many-to-many. Sure, and it's also one-to-many.
This will piss a few folks off.
There's no rule that video or audio or text *has* to be conversational.
And when you're as big as a target as a TV network (or a popular blogger for that matter),
you'd be deluged with comments, good, bad, and spam. Are they expected to respond?

Spend all day maintaining *that* mess, instead of making video or blogging or whatnot.
It really used to piss me off that some super famous (snort) bloggers didn't have
comments on, but my mind's been changed.

Videoblogging/Vlogging belongs to no one, much like podcasting and blogging before it.
The playing field is leveled. That's the spirit; the magic of it all.

I'd be happy downloading video content from TV *and* everyday people.
I'd be happy downloading audio content from radio stations *and* everyday people.
It's not mutually exclusive.

I think the Travel Channel vlog show is a good hybrid. Personally, I was entertained and I
see how I can use THEIR work to evangelize OUR work and ideals. So what if it doesn't
have all our 'rules and regulations' for meeting the technical requirements of being a

I think we have an idea of what the videoblog landscape will look like a year from now.



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> So the Travel Channel's new show where they give videobloggers $50/day 
> to travel Europe is starting soon.
> I just got an email about it and checked out the site.
> Here's Alexis' first video blog post.
> http://travel.discovery.com/fansites/5takes/alexis/videogallery/
> videogallery.html
> No Permalinks.
> No Comments.
> No RSS.
> No RSS 2.0 with enclosures.
> No Blog.
> It's video on a website but doesn't have the bloggy part.
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