Cool Stephanie.  Let me know your link to your vlog.  Email it to me
if you can as I hardly can keep up with postings here.


--- In, Stephanie Bryant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Aaron,
> I've been watching thevoiz, and actually today I am posting something
> of a reply, though not to that question (my vlog assignment for today
> was "spend some time in a church, which is a related question).
> Anyway, when you get the chance, check it out. If you would like a
> more direct vlog response, let me know, and I'll post one-- I could
> only fit one idea into a 45 second vlog post.
> And I was about to get all rambly about one of your entries, but have
> decided to just go post my thoughts as a comment in your vlog.
> --Stephanie
> On 7/27/05, Aaron Flores <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >  Do you think you are going to Hell?  Or better yet, does anyone
> > deserve to go to Hell?  Let me know in comments at
> > and make this series good.
> >
> > Also, if you got a video reply, let me know so I can link.
> --
> Stephanie Bryant

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