Is there a competition going on now or some drama? Lets converge on a date.

On Jul 28, 2005, at 10:47 AM, pepa wrote:

I'm not going to be in Amsterdam on 9/11, neither the 18/9 (it's a pitty). But I' d like to say something:  for me what is inspiring is . Not, canon, etc. Talking about videoblogging, i mean.

On 7/28/05, R. Kristiansen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hey all,

1) What Gabe puts together on Sept 9-11 will be a massive boost in our
visibility to Them (mainstream media, the professionals). It also
helps out Gabe's company, incidentally, which is fine.

2) What Duncan and myself will put together on Sept 16-18 will be a
different beast. Not completely different, we will not be
Anti-Corporate. But it will not so much be about us talking to them,
us posing for pictures from some CNN/BBC/whatnot journalist, but
rather us talking to each other.

I disagree with seeing 'the second weekend' as just a party. We can
have some pretty good discussions among ourselves, and we don't need
to consider the 16-18 event as merely some socializing backrubbing
thing. We Will have a massive party saturday night (17th), but there
will be a programme, and those missing out on The Big IBC Weekend or
who are not interested in that will still have fun, and be able to
learn from each other, and share experience.

I will myself be there on 16th-18th, and I hope you will too.

I don't know what would work best for Rocketboomers, big media event
or meeting some other vloggers. If you can, come to Europe for the
entire ten days. Plan some business meetings in the weekdays, attend
IBC, make a big splash, do some strange european newspapers like El
Pais or Der Spiegel, and then second weekend let's have a vlog-party
unlike any other.

September 9-18, 2005

Best regards,

Raymond M. Kristiansen

On 7/28/05, gabe_perardua < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello Everyone! Gabe Mac here. I have been e-mailing with Alex and
> Raymond about organizing the euro vlogger get together. Here is the
> situation.
> I have taken it upon myself (after being a prominent video blogger in
> Amsterdam) to help organize the gathering. I have talked with Raymond
> and others about hosting the "Euro Vlogger Con" on the 9-11 of
> september to coincide with IBC for a number of reasons. Here are a few:



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