ahem, or spinxpress
we are talking with brewster

Joshua Kinberg wrote:
Ummm.... this is a good reason for IA to look more seriously at P2P
solutions like BitTorrent, Dijjer, and CORAL. If IA had some kind of
method to distribute some of the bandwidth load off onto peers that
contribute to the upload process, then this could solve a major


On 7/30/05, Jay dedman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Im not the expert..but this is what Im finding out.

I am in CA with Ryan at Blogher.
Ive had a chance to speak with JD Lasica and Marc Canter.
They separately say that IA is struggling to keep up with bandwidth.
storage is not a problem.

the good news is that Brewster Kahle(IA funder) is extremely happy
with what we have all contributed through OM. he is working to find
more money to get more bandwidth.\
OM/IA will remain free.

storage is no problem for IA...whcih is great because I can store my
videos there...knowing they will be saved longer than my Typepad.com
account will last.

but in my humble opinion, bandwidth will always be a wildcard at IA.
I CANTexpect you to click on my video and have it download immediately.
I CAN expect you to subscribe to my feed and have an aggregator
download it while you're doing other things.

the recent bugs and crashes are just a result of growing pains.
keep sedning your specific problems my way (offlist) as they pop up.
you help us debug this motherfucka.


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