Hey all, 

Some news about VlogEurope! - the ultimate videoblogging event of 2005
- at least here in Europe :)

Tonight a few of us (Gabemac, Max, Alex and myself) talked on AIM and
brainstormed what we want to do and how we want to do it.

Now it is clear that the name for this whole event will be
"VlogEurope!" and all the information will be on www.vlogeurope.com

VlogEurope! will last from September 9th-18th, which makes a full
blasting 10 days of vlogging events in Amsterdam and elsewhere in
Europe. The marathon event will have three stages:

September 9th-11th: IBC
In connection with the IBC conference (www.ibc.org) the videoblogging
community in Europe and elsewhere will be showing the media the
variety and depth of what we are doing. We will have people giving
press conferences, giving tutorials on how we for instance use ANT or
Mefeedia or blip.tv, and giving interested people cd-roms or DVDs with
a few selected vlogs, but also including loads of links to sites like
vlogdir so that this won't be about us deciding what vlogging "is",
but rather giving the outside world a window into this movement. Gabe
McIntyre from xolo.tv will be main responsible for this weekend's
activities and have the last say on what happens.

September 12th-15: Four days of training. Hopefully we have reached
quite a few new videobloggers during the weekend and in these days we
will be holding daily workshops (like the ones Ryanne and others have
done in NY) where we cover videoblogging from the basics to discussion
about techniques and approaches to vlogging. There will also be a
competition of some sort during these days.

September 16th-18th: Meet the vloggers (is that name copyrighted,
Markus et al?). This weekend is the vloggercue, the vloggers meeting
vloggers. This weekend no press are allowed to lurk at our party
unless they start videoblogging themselves. This weekend is about US.
Not as in the little clan of vloggers already vlogging, but the
meeting of people who by then are interested in vlogging and during
the 12th-15th have had their first baby steps into vlogdom. Friday
night is a pre-meet-up social event. Saturday we meet for lunch and
then we have a few hours of talks, discussions among ourselves. New
vloggers and old vloggers alike meet and discuss, almost like the
VloggerCon in NYC in January. This lasts say from 14-18, and then at
19-> we have a big vloggercue. Sunday 18th we share a brunch from
about 10 AM and then people are free to hang out together, vlog
Amsterdam, take their flights home or whatever. Main responsible for
this second weekend are currently Alex, Max, Duncan and myself.

The second weekend is when all we vloggers will meet, when we will
have our meet-up, as planned. The first weekend is when some of us
vloggers will be talking to the media, to the IBC delegations, will
create some stir, make some noise.

The two weekends are like the Yin and Yang of vlogging (â„¢Michael
Verdi). Two aspects of a larger whole. The days inbetween are the days
when newborn vloggers can explore the vlogosphere, find their own
spheres, and explore their own new-found voice.

So: VlogEurope! is September 9th-18th, and we finish the ten days with
a smashing vlog-party on the 17th (including celebrating two
birthdays) and a quiet brunch on sunday morning.

All of the above is very unsettled, and we are still figuring out just
how we want this, but I guess it's better to give you more information
and tell you the details are uncertain than clamming shut and going
"You will see".

Best regards, 

Raymond M. Kristiansen
on behalf of himself but hopefully also most of the other stakeholders
in this ;)

ps. The main point is, there are not two competing events. Come for
the first weekend, or the second weekend (most vloggers seem to come
for the second one, which is perfect since then is when the vlogparty
will be), or - better still - come for the entire ten days of

Amsterdam September 9th-18th. Be there.

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