David Meade wrote:

> Hi all. I was hoping someone could help me with some RSS feeds questions.
> I create my own feeds (as opposed to using blogger/feedburner) and I
> was told by the technorati support people that my feed was too long
> for them to index.
> Now I'm wondering if I've made some non-stnadard or otherwise poor
> choices about my rss feed. (To try and get the feed working in
> technorati, I changed the 'description' element to contain only the
> item title. It's still not working with Technorati but it did cut the
> file size of my blog feed by quite alot.)
> Anyway, can someone give me some guidance on the following:
> 1) Should I not index all my blogs in my feed?  For example should I
> make my feed detail only the latest 20 posts or something?  How would
> this effect rss readers such as Thunderbird or Fireant?
> 2) Is it not typical to include the blog post in the description?
> 3) My site is pretty low traffic ... if MY feed is too big for
> indexes like technorati to work with ... how do larger sites with
> hundreds and hundreds of posts manage?
> The feed they were talking about was:
> http://www.davidmeade.com/post/post_archive.php?tag=Blog&feed=RSS2.0
> <http://www.davidmeade.com/post/post_archive.php?tag=Blog&feed=RSS2.0>
> Thanks,
>   Dave
> http://www.davidmeade.com
Wow, dude.  That feed is fucking huge.  I think you've missed the entire
point of RSS.  Have you used an RSS Aggregator?  Check out Bloglines
(http://bloglines.com/).  Also, check out other people's RSS feeds for
examples (there's generally a link on the main page of the blog).  RSS
is a mechanism of distributing information about new updates to a site
(with the number of posts arbitrarily picked by the publisher, but the
idea being it should be up to the number of posts a person wouldn't have
seen if they hadn't checked your site in a day or two).  You've got
stuff going back to 2002.  I limit mine to the last 20 posts, including
full text of the postings in the content:encoded tag.


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