hi Jeff,

      BlogTorrent serves as the base for Broadcast Machine. BlogTorrent will 
serve any sort of file(s) via the BitTorrent protocol, but Broadcast 
Machine is tailored for videoblogging.

      unfortunately, I've never installed nor used Broadcast Machine, so I 
can't help you there...

      FireANT is for viewing and subscribing to video blogs, not necessarily 
posting them (not today, at least).

      if I may suggest, please try out Blip.tv - we offer a free video blog 
(yourname.blip.tv) and unlimited video hosting, as well as an RSS 2.0 
feed with enclosures, all in one neat package wrapped with a bow and 
served with a smile.


      signing up is quick, painless, and free. and as always, there is an 
excellent guide here:


      looking forward to see what videos you have in store for us!


- Jared


On Aug 1, 2005, at 8:41 PM, jeff brown wrote:

> I'm new to blogging and I'm looking to vblog, my
> questions are-
> Do I want to use blog torrent? and broadcast machine?
> Or should I use Fire ant?
> What's the diff.?
> I tried to upload broadcast machine to my blog on
> blogger but I couldn't figure it out- on the faq page
> it says to "simply" copy the broadcast machine file to
> the public_ html page on my website, But I don't know
> how to do this! and can't find the info to do this.
> I am learning a lot and want my blog to be great, the
> learning curve is tough for me right now, I know this
> is probably simple to you all, but I've only been
> blogging for a couple of months, and any help or
> advice, would be appreciated!
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