Sometimes manners and e-mail just don't go together as often as it
should. I will always support honest questions and I don't understand
if someone jumped on you for doing that.

I saw your original question but I was at Blogher or just got home and
still processing that wonderful experience. I too got an blast email
from "you know who". I looked at it and it was consistent with other
post that she created.

I placed it in the circular file(i.e. trash).

There is no question that she did what she did. I know I sent her
e-mails explaining about forum decorum and off-posting and privacy
boundries. Eh. She has another agenda. I have mine. I got work to do
so I have to let it go.

The best you can do is filter the address to junk and move on. But you
don't let others stop you from expressing your opinion and point of
view.  That's why we do what we are doing - to say what we have to say
beyond the gatekeepers.


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