Seriously I go to the page from my pc and all I see is one text post no video. Then when I go into archives then there is the video. It's not on the main page from my pc. Anyway, its my first time as u can see havent been able 2 design the site like I want and want to put a title next to Magic for Africa saying that it is a weekly magic show. Will prob get into it. also was struggling with compression and stuff. Does it seem alright. Can I better the compression to make it a better quality or is the quality I have fine. I am editing in premier 6.5 then exporting an uncompressed avi (320x240) then importing into movie maker 1 and compressing it there. Should I maybe compress it straight in Premier 6.5. Just not sure of setting and codec ect. Tried Quicktime but no luck as heard its better to have .mov than .wmv. Anyway got lots to learn.

johngaltsjournal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I see your video on the front page.  Whatever you did, it worked!


--- In, Tyrone Rubin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> When u go to it no video is on the main page but when u go into Archives - August then u
get my posts. So new to this but really want to get things going.

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