> Some of us vloggers will make big money on doing this. Some people
> will make zillions on offering personalized consultancy for companies
> that want to jack into the next big thing (and we all know vlogging IS
> the next big thing, regardless of the millions of people who prefer to
> listen to the radio/podcast while on the road)
> So what I Hope happens is that even when the innocence is gone, we can
> play along. Play nice, and do business without suddenly going
> 'Business is business' and becoming all cynical.

> Let us remember that we all have good intentions. Also, let us not
> close our eyes to what is going on.

I like raymond's email.
I also gave pause when i saw steve's post about putting ads in a videoblog.
The time is coming.

I think its funny that this group gets a reputation for being against
money...as if its an all or nothing game. We are all adults who work
jobs and have careers and are planning for the future.
I guess people balk because we have conversations that there may be
something more interesting than money.

Many of you know why I got into videoblogging:
to feel connection.
Through little videos on my computer, i can see your world wherever
you are in the way you want to show me.
we can speak to each other unmediated.
for whatever its worth, its still important to me.

This weekend, i realized there are two kind of videoblogs developing.
One is the Rocketboom model.
Its a brilliant use of RSS technology...delivering short, regular
videos in a predictable format to the entire world.
Usually these videos are topical. Like TV, fresh content is a must.
As Andrew Barron says, you can now compete with cable networks that
only get 100,000 viewers. So why not get advertising if youre putting
that much work into it and getting huge audiences?

The other model is the personal videoblog.
Videos are in no format or theme.
Videos are posted irregularly.
Videos vary in length.
Videos are meant for a small group of people, usually friends and family.
Personal videoblogs usually grow in value as time passes.

So lets remember these models as we move into the craziness that is developing.
Both are equally valid.
When a new person comes onto the scene, a choice is made.
--are you trying to use videoblogging to challenge traditonal TV
distribution...spending lots of time creating regular
programming...and seeking revenue for your efforts?
--or are you simply wanting to document something that's important to
you...no hassle...making videoblogging as a part of your daily life?

I'd like to hear what you have to say on this matter.


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