What about thos of us who make personal videos, post irregularly, are seeking to share their lives with others and challenge the content of media. Those of us who got into this as a hobby, a creative outlet, but wouldn't mind turning a buck if those original intentions/ideals/values weren't lost?

I have a secure job, I don't need vlogging to be my source of income. But, getting paid for my creative content would be fantastic! Perhaps someday making video blogging my job (as long as I was doing what I wanted to do, as long as I am having fun, and as long as I don't feel as though i am compromising myself in any aspect) then yes, I would love to do it as a profession. I am not seeking it out, but if opportunities arise, I welcome them with open arms.

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So lets remember these models as we move into the craziness that is developing.
Both are equally valid.
When a new person comes onto the scene, a choice is made.
--are you trying to use videoblogging to challenge traditonal TV
distribution...spending lots of time creating regular
programming...and seeking revenue for your efforts?
--or are you simply wanting to document something that's important to
you...no hassle...making videoblogging as a part of your daily life?

Josh Leo



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