Okay, I'm a little biased so feel free to take this post with a grain of salt. But, even before I wrote for O'Reilly, I had more of their (his?) books than I could count off the top of my head. The distribution is wide, the quality is high, and there's definitely a level of respect and validation given to the titles. Not to mention the amount of support the company provides its authors (I've spoken to people who've written for other publishers).

I think the Hacks series is great, I own at least four of them, and I think it is also one of their more popular series. So, it makes sense to me that they put Video Blogging there. The more people who get involved, the better. Right?

I'm hoping that those who contribute are able to push themselves and this new medium to even greater heights.

Again, I'm just excited to see it all happening.

- josh

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>  seriously though... this should be an eBook... downloadable....  No?
>  easily updatable since things move so fast and some things become obsolete.
>  and it would have bene cool if this was tried on an independent publishing
> approach.... sell or give away via the internet.
>  optional printed copies on request. 
>  anyways... i'll check the wiki.... i'm wondering what vlog hack is ;-)

for those of you unfamiliar with the O'reilly hack series...check it out:
I hear you about independent publishing....but you cant beat the
distribution by a technical publisher like O'reilly

There will be other books written on videoblogging.
this is the first...and it might as well be written by us.
I think the hack format is great because its perfect for collaboration.
many of us can write individual hacks and have it be coherent.


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