I bet half this this is saying "tell me!!!" to many of your list.

I'm adding 5 bucks to any hack that makes the book that comes from this list.  I'm not

That means, if the editors take your "hack", and you have been a part of this list since
RIGHT NOW, I am adding five bucks per hack.

Put up or shut up-- it's D-Day.

--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, andrew michael baron <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am surprised to hear the number of people who think this Oriley 
> hacks thing is a bad idea. I think it's probably the greatest honor 
> yet to come out of the whole videoblogging group. I have Spidering 
> Hacks and Google Hacks and they are exceptionally great.
> Oriely is editing the book so they will assure it meets their 
> standards I assume.
> I can easily imagine how it will be so easy to come up with 100 solid 
> hacks, that meet even the strictest definitions of hacks, the 
> challenge may be to ONLY have 100.
> In the same way I get creative fulfillment from writing, I also feel 
> pretty good about the kinds of solutions I'm forced to come up with 
> on a daily basis just trying to keep our videoblog afloat. I assume 
> everyone has tons of little solutions that they make up to suit 
> tailored demands.
> Wouldn't the following be just a few of the thousands of common ideas?
> 1. apple widget to grab latest video from xml feed
> 2. interface public webcam to update on blog
> 3. home made teleprompter from hacked laptop screen, mirror and glass 
> to place over camera lenses.
> 4. building a mechanical, external switch to trigger controls via 
> infrared or sonar.
> 5. creating various MAX/MSP Jitter patches for compressing, 
> streaming, looping and effecting video
> 6. revlogging hacks.
> 7. hot-linking with an http://http file structure to hide source of 
> video when pulling from another domain.
> 8. creating an index file that checks to make sure server is healthy 
> and if its slow or crashed to divert to a backup server.
> 9. inserting url pings in quicktime when user reaches a certain point 
> in the video.
> 10. how to seed a torrent and then release yourself from the seed 
> while keeping it alive off the other seeds
> 11. how to meet people through webcams by finding out the location of 
> the cam's IP and then calling.
> 12. how to hack your audience by renaming your files.
> 13. how to code your site to associate all images and various video 
> distributions to the same post, without coding each item.
> 14. how to capture any file, even DRM or protected files.
> 15. how to convert any file to any file
> 16. using php or pearl script to randomly grab videos from a directory
> 17. how to hard code an xml template to create enclosures.
> 18. create your own rss to TV feeds.
> 19. how to make a bean-bag to mount a camera on your bike.
> 20. how to edit on your videocamera in realtime.
> 21. building a 555 timer circuit to start/stop camera at time intervals.
> 22. building a motion sensor to trigger a videocamera on.
> 23. tons of easy video tracking methods for input values.
> 24. pulling in feeds from various places like del.icio.us, 
> blogdigger, friends, etc. into videoblog
> 25. how to exclude certain authors from being downloaded through 
> community feed subscriptions <-this is my all time favorite ;)
> To name but just a few obvious ones. . .

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