My impression / experience is that stats drop - regularly - on weekends.

Podcast stats dropped today from 350 to 210.

Come Monday, they'll be back up. My guess? Lots of folks ping feedburner
from work. :)


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Does anyone have insight on the FeedBurner stats?  I recently built a
page that displays the FB button for various sites in the community.
I'd post this page, but many of the sites do not show the button
themselves and I "found" them myself.

I started noticing my site's number of readers drop yesterday, but I
woke up today to see everyone's numbers were down 25-30%.

This all seems very odd.  It is obvious how FeedBurner increments the
number of readers, but I'm confused as to how they decrement it.  How
would they know if I remove a site from ANT, iTunes or Bloglines?

Good news - I've notice that numbers tend to jump back up after
posting a video.

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