Pat Cook (Jeeper One TV) wrote:

> Yeah, but I think that's only for ONE use (i.e. to use the song
> once).  If you're like me and have used the same track (or cuts from
> it) to open and close EACH & EVERY show, then I think it gets
> messier.  But I'll have to ask them about that (of course without
> revealing my podcast page, the fact that its already been done or even
> using the show's email address to inquire) though.
> Cheers for now  :-)
> Pat
You people do realize these messages are archived publically right? 
Googling for FreePlayMusic will bring up these posts at some point in
the near future (probably already does if you go to Google Groups).  If
you don't want people to know who you are, it would be wise to not post
to this list at all.  Knowing you're Pat Cook (Jeeper One TV) I
guarantee is plenty enough information to lead me to your podcast
(although I'm on a plane right now so I can't verify that).


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