Hey everyone!

As some of you know, I am a graduate student and I am just starting
work on my master's project, which will explore the transition from
text to video communication.  I want to ask you guys for some help.

If you know of any good videos that I can quote relating to the
evolution of or difference between privatized media and media in the
hands of every citizen, I need some references for my proposal
paper. I've been trying to search out some that I saw previously,
interviews with jay and conversations between people on the topic, but
its still difficult to search for specific video content.  I'm sure
some of you have links saved to some ground-breaking pieces, and I'd
really appreciate your sending them my way, especially more
philosophical statements from the "great thinkers" in the group :-)

This is a little more of a far shot, but also if you know of any
pieces relating to the difference between video and textual language I
would love to take a look at them. 

I'd prefer you sending me these links privately so that I don't miss
them in all the vloglist e-mails - headsoff at lanugo dot org

I will be starting a separate vlog soon (as soon as I come up with a
suitable blog name) that explains my project and contains the videos I
make for it as I make them.  If you want, I'll give you credit if you
send me clips I use in my paper ;-)  Stay tuned.

Thanks for your support everyone, take care!

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