--- In videoblogging@yahoogroups.com, Adrian Miles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> around the 9/8/05 Christopher mentioned about [videoblogging] Can't
> seem to make my .mov file stream that:
> >5. QuickTime downloads the entire clip (24mb) and THEN starts to
play it.
> in the first options screen (the one you click through to get to
> codecs etc) make sure it is fast start
> failing that. after compressing go file save as... make new self
> contained movie. this will be fast start by default

Are you sure you're talking about Premiere 6.5? There's nothing like
either of those available on my copy.

Also, I don't see any remaining plugins yet to be installed; no Adobe
Media Encoder as Adam suggested, and still no Save for Web option.


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