If we keep going at this pace, it will be 300-page snooze fest! No
really, this is great. I appreciate the opportunity to express and
have my ideas challenged and explored. 

Having said that, I am going to be off-line for a few days. Reality
demands my attention and I have two events that I want to record for
posting on my blog. I'll read the digests but will not be able to
respond until Sunday at the earliest.

"Actually, 18-34-year-old males are the most desired audience, and
even thoughI still fall in that range, I agree the programming choices

This provides an opportunity for video bloggers to fill in the various
gaps in programming. I see no shift in behavior on the broadcast TV
side of the fence. With everyone in MSM chasing the same demographic
group they cast aside millions of people. Segments of the population
are aging. Other demographic groups demands will take center stage
(Latino/Latina/Hispanic) Old line media will have a hard time getting
anyone to pay attention to their petitions.

You might want to beef up your 401K plan to be on the safe side. ;-]

Video on Demand

The future form of video blogging and related compatriots will have to
establish distribution/syndication accessible to non-technical folks.
This will happen. If I know who was gonna do it I'd start saving for
the IPO right now.

There will be more players than just American MSM. When the
bandwidth/distribution situation is worked out, you will have content
from around the world. I could choose to watch a performance from
Ghana or Rome.

The BBC is much more web savvy than any current American broadcaster.
And they are planning to go further. They understand about
connectivity, audience participation, and retention. They are still in
learning mode but are years ahead of CBS.


Carpetbagging Part 3

You cannot steal an audience that walked away or was discarded. They
chucked women, smart people, politically alienated people, creative
people and millions more in the unwanted pile.

Television has not yet acknowledged the need to adapt. Not just to the
distribution methods but viewer choice and participation. They ain't
got a clue about that one.

This might be a harder shift for MSM to make. Blogs, podcast,
videoblogs, gaming and those 24 hour nooky films web sites are
alternatives. Don't hate people for wanting more than what was or is
currently offered.

You are not gonna change my mind about the "contest" thing. Okay. It
is a step. I'm not saying what they have stepped into.

Video bloggers will have to adapt too. Like panty hose, one size does
not fit all.

There are people here who will run to MSM with content for money. I am
not knocking this, it is a choice. Some will hook up with like-minded
affiliates in a co-op income stream.

Some are on a mission/vision and no amount of cash money will stop
production. A few don't give a damn about mission it is more of "how
can I exploit this to my benefit."

It is import that "we decide" not advertisers, content pirates,
marketing/pr firms or traditional media. I know some of the silent
lurkers are from these places.

Doesn't really matter. It just takes opening up the bandwidth and
bada-bing we are in the next wave.
I'm laughing as I write this: "who am I to say?"

I haven't disclosed who I am. And reading some of the disclosure posts
I not sure I want to. I have an embarrassing lack of riches to bring
to the table (real world wise) I would really like to leave it at
being a human being but some days I have my doubts.

I am an information packrat. I love photography and video and recently
reclaimed it as my birthright. I have a need to share information that
I have tenuous control. I still have a curiosity about the world.

I'm not in the media industry. My day job has nothing to do with any
of my interests. I guess I'm not ready to do this because I can't find
the words to describe who I am and what I do. Partly because it is
being invented as we speak.




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