Thanks very much for that. I have tried to get them as quicktime files but with no luck. I edit on Premier 6.5 and from there cant seem to get it right compressing the file to quickime (not sure on exact codec and such). I also have quicktime 6 and every file I export from quicktime 6 does not seem to be a proper quicktime file. Please if anyone knows exact procedure form Premier 6.5 to get to quicktime right compression please let me know either an option in Premier 6.5 or exporting from quicktime into another programme. Thanks again.

ryant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Well, I know you can get at least one audience member (me) if you also
post in a QuickTime-readable format (I don't do Windows Media). :D

But seriously, I think you have a great theme there-- keep it up and
your audience will grow. List yourself in vlogdir and mefeedia and the
other vlog directories, and make sure you're in google, because
google=search engine now.

And try to get involved. Get other South Africans vlogging, too!
Spread the joy! More interest in your area will mean more interest for
your vlog!

If you do these magic tricks commercially (as in, if you are a
magician as a day job or just as a job), and you have a business card
or something, make sure it has your vlog address on it when you hand
it out to your real-life magic-show audience members.


On 8/9/05, Tyrone Rubin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hiya
> I have recently launched a weekly magic show vlog and was wondering how I
> can go about building an audience. I feel it has great potential to be a
> great show as well as the first of its kind from South Africa. I am also new
> to this so any advice would be most welcome. Thanks.

Stephanie Bryant

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