Plenty of bloggers make significant money from Tip Jars.
During the election, Joshua Micah Marshall and Daily Kos were able to
travel around and cover the democratic primaries mostly due to
donations from their blogs.

Also, rel="payment" does not have to be a *pay me* link. It could
point to anyplace where you could buy something. For instance, I may
review a product and then include a rel="payment" link that points to
where that product can be purchased (perhaps with an affilliate
program so i make a little money on the click-through).

I don't think rel="payment" will make us all millionaires, but its a
good idea to build in some kind of foundation that lets you accept
money when people are willing to give it.

I also think this would be particularly suitable to political
campaigns (hit the bat, anyone?).


On 8/10/05, Adam Quirk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Has anyone ever received money from either rel="payment" or another
> donation-for-content system?

>  Just curious.  Who would pay for content when it's already free?  Maybe the
> same people who donate to PBS, etc.?

>  I'm not trying to knock this, I hope to hell it works!  I just have doubts.
>  I guess like any other new idea, it'll take time to see if it works.

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