Adam Quirk wrote:
> Has anyone ever received money from either rel="payment" or another
> donation-for-content system?
> Just curious. Who would pay for content when it's already free? Maybe the
> same people who donate to PBS, etc.?
> I'm not trying to knock this, I hope to hell it works! I just have doubts. I
> guess like any other new idea, it'll take time to see if it works.

I know that in the podcasting world people sure do get donations and
gifts. Videoblogging is still young, so it's mainly people really into
videoblogging who are watching them... Give it time. As Josh mentioned,
I don't think anyone will become a millionaire, but I figure if someone
were to *really* like the stuff I do and wanted to show their
appreciation, I'll facilitate that. ;)


videoblog for the future...


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