Michael Verdi wrote:

> Anyway, I just firmly believe that when you sit down to think about
> what to do in the world and the first thing that comes to mind is
> "what's going to make money?" that you're dooming yourself to
> failure.  That failure may take different forms - artistic, monetary,
> spiritual, all of the above - but rest assured, it'll be there.

What I object to is people deciding what people's motivations are.  It's
not up to us to determine people's motivations for doing this.  If what
you're saying is true, and their motivation is money first, then their
stuff will suck anyways and it will be totally irrelevant.  That being
the case, wouldn't it be better to just help them along their way like
we do with everyone else?

Going on hike today to a waterfall, so I'll be offline for the rest of
the day.  Hope to get some good footage. Cheers everyone.


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