On 8/14/05, petertheman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Following the instructions on that page, you can add a 1-click
> subscribe button for your vlog to your website. If someone clicks it,
> iTunes will open up and they'll be automagically subscribed, *even* if
> you're not listed in the directory.
> You actually need 2 buttons, 1 for PC and 1 for Mac (iTunes sucks like
> that), the page explains it all.
> If your videos don't show up in iTunes it's probably because
> a) you don't do Quicktime videos
> b) your feed doesn't use enclosures
> Let me know if you have any questions. Hope you like it :)

Ok.  The buttons are now on my blogspot page.  They look great!
Unfortunately, they don't do a thing!
Here's my stuff:
Box - PC
Browser - Firefox
OS - XP Pro SP2
Itunes -
RSS Feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/icenryevideo
Mefeedia ID - 527
QT - Pro 6.5.2

When I click on my button , iTunes opens, but nothing shows up.  If I
drag the PC link to iTunes, the blog name shows up, but I get an "!"
telling me there's no feed.

The mac link, however, when dragged to iTunes seems to work!

Looking at the code I notice the mac link contains my feedburner link.
So I dragged the feedburner link into iTunes, an voila!  Video.  I'm
guessing the problem is with  this:
http://mefeedia.com/pcast/527.pcast link.

I thought the problem might be my coding, but the link on "Dummycast"
didn't work and I have a link to Michael Verdi's site which also comes
up empty.

On a better note, I've added the archive thumbnail code to my site and
it looks good so far.  A few entries missing, however you mentioned it
will get better in time.  I'm, looking forward to more great stuff
from Mefeedia.


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