I think it's fair to an extent to turn up the heat a little on people's
ideas and put their feet to the fire about what it is they are really
doing. If they are passionate about their ideas, that heat is not going
to deter them. Our devil's advocates shoot flames at these ideas to see
how fast they'll incinerate. That's valuable for the idea creator
because if the idea or the plan is solid, a little singeing is not going
to hurt it. It will, I hope, burn away the dross so that the true gold
of the idea is revealed. If criticism inspires someone to change their
plan for the better, or make the idea more flame-proof, then that's to
everyone's benefit. If they can't stand the heat and leave the kitchen,
then that's a benefit too.

On this list, I have seen many messages exhorting people to do things
for the right reasons, but NO messages that imply "you're not part of
our in-crowd so get lost". To the contrary, it appears to be a welcoming
group full of people willing to help others get up to speed in a medium
we care about. Maybe the various communication styles are not always to
everyone's liking, but that's a feature of our delightful diversity.

The challenges to our ideas or techniques that we receive in this group
are nothing compared to what the wider world will have to say once we
get out there. People who have no clue regarding the what, and how, and
why of vlogging will feel completely qualified to broadcast biased and
uninformed criticism on something they can never hope to understand.

I figure if I can get through the gauntlet of you lot, nobody else's
voice is going to matter, and I'll have a product that is the stronger
for it.

Clint Sharp wrote:

> Michael Verdi wrote:
> > I wasn't trying to cruelly shame somebody out of their dream. <snip>

... Seriously, every time someone mentions the topic of sponsorship,
advertising, making money in any way, etc, no matter how misguided,
you've gone into a tirade. ...

Beth Agnew, Professor of Mirth

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