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Q. Does anyone know of a single source (or multiple sources) that have video/audio/pictorial idiot guides (of which I am a proud member) for people getting from their hardware starting point to the point where they can now upload the video.


So if I have mobile phone model XYZ, this is what I do to capture video, then I need do to this to actually get it on the web (from emailing it, or upload from the phone or buy some hardware that helps me transfer it to my pc which I need to save as a specific format and then upload and so on…).


I only ask as I’ve been asked by more than one person about how to do this and I also had a bit of an issue when my first mobile required that I purchase some further hardware in order to transfer my pictures.


It would be ideal is there was an extensive (probably Wiki based) FAQ for videoblogging that covered as many models (phones, pda’s, pc’s and so on).



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