Well, 761 if I can get my new mobile today J Thanks for the pointers – mefeedia is a good start for what I am looking for! The ITunes “1 Click” is not something I have seen before.


I agree this is an area set to explode. Furthermore, I suspect (especially in the case of the UK) that with the amount of bandwidth trying to be sold to private and business users, applications that encourage it must have a decent chance of getting some help/partnerships with more established companies.


Probably means people like those on this group will have a lot of say in where this stuff goes in the next 12 to 24 months. Cool!


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> I can't give you the source but somewhere I saw a figure that said
there were 1100 vloggers worldwide.

Mefeedia today says 760 vlogs.

That number is of course only the amount of vlogger feeds in Mefeedia.
It does not count search feeds and such. It does count duplicate feeds
for the same blog. Mefeedia doesn't currently accept feeds with movies
in them without file extensions, so those are out too.

My best guess right now is that there are about 1000 people putting
video in their blogs. There are 1000s more putting video on website,
but without the bloggy structure and without feeds. Of course,
definitions are difficult, and we can talk all week about that (please
no!). So that's about 1000 vloggers. Remember, a year ago, there were
maybe 10 or 20. I fully expect there to be 100,000 in a year.



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