Actually tried today also on a mac and same thing. Sound is fine for couple seconds then a little glitch here and there so weird. The tape is fine though when playing to the tv as normal. Thought is might be bit related but doesnt seem to be

Michael Verdi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
So now if you capture video in either program the sound has 
glitches?  And it's not on the tape.  Might be something wrong with 
your computer since it happens in both programs.  Sounds like you 
need some PC experts on the job here (I'm a Mac guy).


On Aug 16, 2005, at 10:34 AM, Tyrone Rubin wrote:

> Hiya All
> Was hoping someone could identify with a problem I am having. I am 
> capturing dv footage from my panansonic. Everything seemed fine 
> until about a week ago all the footage I capture has sound 
> glitches. Video is perfect just sound is not. The sound problem is 
> hard to explain, basically the sound is fine but every couple of 
> seconds there is a type of glitch being heard. When I play the 
> footage from the camera directly to the television the sound is 
> perfect (no peaking, levels fine everything good). At first I 
> thought it was bit related or khz related but not. I tried a 
> different sound card as well as firewire cable. I am just stumped. 
> By the way I am using both Movie Maker and Premier 6.5 to capture 
> and both give audio problems.
> Thanks
> Tyrone

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