On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 16:58:06 +0200, Siobhan Ramsey 

>  What I want to create is a movlog.  In both Mambo and
> Wordpress.  Now I can get emails with attachments into
> both Mambo and Wordpress via plugins.  What I can't do
> is display them as thumbnail and onclick a new page.
> I am willing to pay or share skills with anyone who
> can help me work out how to do this.  The reason I
> want it to work via email is that I want to use it
> with kids in schools  and they can all send emails and
> mobile phone messages!

Including the video file on the page is not hard. If you can already posts 
photos it should take your developer's all of five seconds to change it 
over so that you can post video embedded as well.

What's *not* easy is thumbnail creation.

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