Hi Bev,
Check out the tutorials at: http://freevlog.org/#compress
Sounds like you want the one for iMovie (even if you're not using 
iMovie - the QuickTime part will be the same).


On Aug 17, 2005, at 11:24 AM, BevSykes wrote:

> Hi there.  I'm new to the group, new to vlogging, and am trying to 
> figure out what I'm doing.  My most pressing question is about file 
> size.  I just downloaded one of the reports from Rocketboom, which 
> is 4+ minutes long and 20 MB in size in Quicktime.  I recorded 
> something not quite as long yesterday, in Quicktime and it was 120 
> MB in size.
> I recently upgraded to Quicktime7 Pro and tried its video 
> compression utility where it efficiently converted a 20 MB file to 
> a 46 MB file--isn't the compression supposed to go in the OTHER 
> direction????
> I know that I don't have 1/1000th the expertise you guys do and 
> don't expect to actually contribute much to the discussion, but I'm 
> hoping to learn from you, and if I can just get the file size to be 
> reasonable, I'll be a happy camper.  At present I'm uploading 
> things to OurMedia and so far haven't had enough problem to think 
> about moving to a pay site (and until I actually produce something 
> that's worth seeing, OurMedia seems to suit my practice videos just 
> fine).
> I'm one of those senior citizens, like Steve Garfield's mom (though 
> not quite that old), who is trying to figure out the new technology.
> Thanks for your help.
> Bev Sykes
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