Will filters take out noises caused by wind?  I have some great tape & didn't realize the zoom mike was so sensitive to the wind when it was held at a certain angle.
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Some options:

1) Export and upload the sound file and send the url so we can listen to it
and help diagnose what's going on.

2) It might be a ground loop problem that can be solved by checking how
you're powered.

        a) If your camera is powered through your computer, try using a
ground lift and record a bit to see if it's coming from power or
        b) if you use a laptop, try recording a test with just battery

3) If your camera is plugged into its own power, make sure it's plugged into
the same outlet as your computer and test.

While Josh is correct about being able to use high/ low pass filters, you'll
note there can be a significant degradation in the overall quality of the
sound so if you can find out and eliminate whence the hum originates you're
much better off.

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> Yes, it is possible. It will depend on what type of noise it is...is
> it more of a buzzing, or a humming? If you have an editing system,
> like Final Cut Pro, you can help the audio by using either a high-
> pass (for low frequency problems, like a hum) or a low-pass (for high-
> frequency problems, like a hiss) audio filter. You may also want to
> look at SoundSoap from Bias (http://www.bias-inc.com).
> - josh
> On Aug 16, 2005, at 7:59 AM, Siobhan Ramsey wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have just made a vidoe with  WEB CAM but have a
>> terrible buzzing in the background .. does anyone know
>> if it is possible to edit sound on a video to get rid
>> of interference?
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