chris_koehn wrote:

> That's why I asked if anyone was interested to email me. Are you in
> the area?
> You can cut and paste that URL if you are interested. It's not broken,
> it takes you right to
> the main story that sums up the situation. It will answer most of your
> questions and
> emailing me will answer the rest.
> Again I ask that whoever is interested to email me. If you can't make
> the URL work, or
> think emailing me is too much hassle then you are probably not who I
> am looking for in
> the first place. I need someone with enthusiasm and the willingness to
> be a volunteer. Of
> course I don't want to ask someone to travel across the universe at
> their own expense
> unless they REALLY want to. Like I said, email me for more info...
I think the point you're missing is that you haven't specified the area
we're supposed to be in.


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