Does anyone know the "reaction" a microphone flag creates?  I can think of everything from "looking and being treated as important" because you have a flag that might seem impressive "Vlog News International"--or one that might make you seem innocuous and harmless "Hoboken Local News", etc.  I can even imagine some clever design imitations" "NDC", "NCB", etc.
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> Speaking of mic accessories...
> Does anyone know where to buy or how to make one of those "boxes"
around a
> mic (logos on 'em) that network folks have ?

Well, I tend to be a DIY guy myself, and if I wanted to make one, I'd
use my inkjet printer, some foamcore from an art store, glue, and an
exacto knife. YMMV... (Hmmm, could this be a videoblogging hack?)


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