Good point about the press release. The key point is that we all demand
mutual respect. This is a conversation as Markus points out. Cluetrain
manifesto stuff through and through. Can't recommend that enough for
the Veoh crew. Simply posting a press release in a group is not


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On Aug 19, 2005, at 2:08 PM, Steve Watkins wrote:

To be fair they already did that here in the past. Someone posting
their previous press release caused some moaning about press releases,
which caused several people connected to Veoh to appear, apologise,
and provide a link to the yahoo group for Veoh.

The best way they can fix the current mailing list strife is to
concede that their mailing list database is impossibly tainted, and to
trash it and start again with a fully compliant opt-in and opt-out

I guess that would be a brave move, considering at the product beta
release stage they need to spread the word to those who are genuinely
interested, but because the database has lots of people in it who dont
want to be there, I think its a measure that should be taken for the
sake of their reputation.

As for the reality behind anti-spam legislation, I believe people who
are sending thousands of emails occasionally, as opposed to millions
every day, are more likely to suffer the negative effects of annoying
the hell out of potential customers, than legal penalties.


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--- In, Michael Meiser

> If I may make the suggestion... they should start all over, a clear
> slate and instead of emailing us all off group through our personal
> email.. use this group as a forum as MANY others have (from ANT to
> Vlogmaps), for approaching us all us all as a group in the open. A
> short introduction should work well, where we can ask questions in an
> open manner and then perhaps... a link to Veoh's own Yahoo group or
> mailing list for those of us who are interested. Personally I've loved
> to follow the conversation on projects I'm interested in.

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