Steve Garfields mom videoblogs:

And there are plenty of women on this list; many of them are videobloggings best
evangelists and videomakers.

Here's some good women vlogger-types:

that should get you started!


--- In, "BevSykes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Steven, I've spent the past week feeling like I opened Dorothy's farmhouse door and
stepped into Munchkinland...discovering a world I never knew existed out there.  It started
with OurMedia and one thing led to the next, which led to this group and finding so many
interesting people and things and ways of looking at vlogging.
> I put myself in your position--just in it for the fun of it, not expecting to create anything
monumental, mostly blog-type stuff, things to augment what I write in my daily journal,
etc.  At 62, I'm not likely to get really very technical or do anything that would be of
interest to most of the vloggers I see here, but learning all this stuff is fun for me and who
knows where it will go...?
> I'm curious about demographics.  It seems like the vast majority of the vloggers I've
come across have been young (to me) males.  I'm curious about how many women are
getting into this--and if there is anybody past the age of 50 who is finding this as
intriguing as I do.
> -Bev

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