Doesn't Wired ultimately put their print editions on line for free.  is there a reason to buy this issue instead of just waiting for it to be online for free?
It's not that I am worried about $4.95  It's more about my forgetting to buy it while it is available and thereby missing it completely.
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Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2005 5:01 PM
Subject: [videoblogging] Wired: All-You-Can-Eat TV

The Sept. issue of Wired has just arrived and IPTV is the main topic
(3 articles)...

"The All-You-Can-Eat TV of Tomorrow with your host Jon Stewart"

"Why Yahoo! Will Be the Center of the Milllion-Channel Universe"

"ESPN Thinks Outside the Box"

I just got through the Jon Stewart article and started the Yahoo
one... It is a good read so far.  Note, Wired has not updated their
site so look for it on the stands.



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