David Yirchott wrote:

If there is a useful list of blog characteristics, shouldn't that equal a
clearcut blogness test?

Can such a list be "clearcut" when items can have some of the qualities and not all of them?

Anyway, the true problem is that none of the items
on the list you've given is 1) required for a blog or 2) exclusive to a

That's how it is with most definitions as well. Do you think "blog" is more ill-defined than "mother"?

Are all current blogs without RSS not full blogs?

I'm still waiting to hear of these "many" blogs that aren't running RSS + trackbacks. What is their number compared to those that do? Remember, these words are description of reality, not axiomatic constructs. If the vast majority of websites called "blogs" start using a background color of #d5691a, that will become one of the defining characteristics of blogs.

"I have a new blog."
"That's not a blog! It's only a 75% blog!"

What would the other 25% be considered? What if a site scored 50%? At what
level does one have a legitimate blog?

At precisely the dividing line between Industrial and Techno, or when a painting is considered Cubist, or a puppy becomes a dog.


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