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> a) Most people don't use or know anything about Macs

At local cafes with wireless Internet access, I see more Macs than PC's.  Granted, this is
Portland and there are a lot of graphic designers and media-makers around here.  At a
recent Podcaster meet-up, the split was about 60/40 Mac/PC... and I'm sure at least a few
of those PC's were running Linux.

As someone else said, "Macs aren't rocket science".  A lot of the software is, if not the
same, very similar.  Most of what's talked about at videoblogging presentations is
probably feeds, blogsites, host sites, etc... all platform independent.
> b) I have to censor myself when giving a presentation, I can't show what I want
> I just don't want people to associate Meet The Vloggers events or
> videoblogging with Apple, or MS for that matter.

I wholeheartedly agree.  I like Apple, but it feels kind of weird to have a "free media"
presentation under the roof of a single corporate sponsor.  The association becomes too
intense if all the "meet the vlogger" events are held at Apple stores.

In the end... Apple Stores are safe, friendly and open places (malls) for people of all flavors
to meet.  The Portland venues I would suggest are kind of on the "funky" side and would
probably scare away a certain segment of the population.  Those venues: <a href="" href="http://">http://">Free Geek</a> and <a href="" Free Geek is
in an industrial neighborhood with very low foot-traffic and Backspace is in the still-a-bit-
sketchy Old Town district.


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