Yeah unfortunately if it fell whilst it was off and is now behaving
badly, its hard to find any explanation other than that its been
physically damaged in some way.

I mean if your computer didnt see it at all or if it didnt make a
noise, thered be the chance that somehow something had happened to the
cabling/sockets, either power or link to computer, but that seems
ruled out by the symptoms youve got.

If its physically damaged theres quite a range of possibilities. If it
had been switched on it could have been worse, at least it wasnt
spinning at the time, but drives can physically die without any
incident at all so its a lottery at the best of times.

Its possible that a very small area has been damaged at the start of
the drive, which stores stuff about the drive partitions and what
files are on the drive, or the mechanism that reads from that part of
the drive, or an element of the electronics has broken. You can only
find out by tring repair software or trying to format it.

It sounds like it is spinning up, do you hear much in the way of the
normal clicking/crunching sounds that occur when hard drives are being
accessed? Sometimes repeated clicking is an indicator that somethings
damaged, as it keeps retrying to read the area.

Sometimes its possible that a drive can work fine again after a format
because it just doesnt use the bad areas of the disc anymore, but
theres a risk of further decline in the future, Im afraid you'll
probably never be able to trust it again even if you resuscitate it.

Damaged drives that I have known have sometimes allowed files to be
gotten off, sometimes it appears to read everything ok, just very
slowly, or not certain files. Sometimes it only works after switching
the drive on and off a silly number of times, luck that it works. You
need to use software to even get to this stage, if it cant see an
existing formatted partition with all your files on, theres no way to
get to the next recovery stage. I believe cheap data recovery services
probably just use similar software tools, and really expensive ones
use phsyical recovery methods in cleanroom conditions and have rich
customers so are not cheap.

If you do manage to see your files at any time, copy them off the
drive straight away, in case its the last time it ever lets you see them.

Steve of Elbows
--- In, Stephanie Bryant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Eh.... do you have Norton Utilities or Disk Doctor or anything like
> installed? I hear Utilities is bad for Macs, but I tried it after mine 
> stopped reading the hard drive, because I really needed some option
> didn't include the instructions "wipe the drive."
> It's disturbing that this happened when it wasn't connected and it
> doesn't work-- that bodes unwell for the hard drive's integrity.
> As another option, keep the drive turned off, turn on the computer,
after it 
> boots up, turn on the hard drive (I swear, it was 12 hours before I
> tried this simple, obvious step).
> Otherwise, my next troubleshooting steps could result in adverse
> from your hard drive, so I don't want to suggest them yet.
> --Stephanie
> On 8/25/05, skullcrew webmaster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > 
> > No funny noises. It actually sounds normal. The OS will say ...
you have 
> > inserted an unrecognizable disk what would you like to do,
> > Cancel or Eject. I have reboot the computer as well as trying it
on G5 and 
> > another PC. When I say eject you can hear the harddive spin it 
> > normally did.
> -- 
> Stephanie Bryant
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