The idea is basically this:

1. will always be free. No matter what changes in the  
world or in the future. Amanda and I have decided this a long time  
ago and still feel most strongly about this #1 principle.

2. Hopefully we can stay away from ads and pay for it by licensing it  
out to different platforms/content aggregators and especially,  
without dependence on any one entity, offer a subscription for people  
who want more:

a. deliver an HDquality file, several hours earlier (ep. via  
bittorent/rss solution when possible)
b. more content on a regular basis (e.g. out-takes, extra stories,  
video newsletter type videos)
c. internal blog to find out about things coming down the pipe (a  
forum for story participation, writing, fact checking, etc)
e. who knows whatelse, but mainly more content with Amanda and gang.

3. $3.50 a month is not a lot to ask for all of the extra Rocketboom  
stuff. We are going to start with this, no higher. You could get  a  
music video on itunes for $2 or Rocketboom everyday for a month for  
$3.50. [ebay and credit companies, etc all take about .40-.50 per  
transaction, so that about $3].

4. We have around 50,000/day now for free. What if only 1,000 people  
sign up (which many people think would be a lot). Thats $3000/mo.  
What if eventually we have an audience much larger that gets  
Rocketboom for free. Maybe some small percentage will begin to  
establish itself as a standard ratio. If we had 10,000 subscribers  
paying $3.50/mo thats $30,000 per month. Along w/T-shirts and maybe  
some chump change from the dying DVD market, and especially  
accompanied by licensing and creating other videoblogs, in the long  
run, I think it could pan out without selling out (when I say selling  
out, I simply mean selling ads like we may one day do if this doesn't  
work, or being co-opted by the main stream media which are in fact,  
all on the go].

5. This is where we are going to really do some damage. Starting now  
I am about to put everything we have into diverting as much of the  
hype around everything that anyone says we are involved with towards  
a p2p, shared bandwidth model. Right now, in the state we are in, we  
are so lucky to have so much support. We are at the point now where  
most people without investors would crash and burn without a revenue  
and thus go into debt - because of bandwidth. But the solution is SO  
OBVIOUS!!! If you are not having bandwidth problems, no problem. If  
you are, and you have people that watch your videoblog everyday or  
every few days, get them on a technology schedule. Get a torrent,  
give them clients, tell them to d/l at THE SAME TIME! Its built in to  
the technology already to some degree, people dont need to do  
anything except instal once.

So, to take this to scale, while most businesses that grow online,  
will always have the bandwidth burden that grows with them, a P2P/RSS  
solution gains like fusion: AS THE AUDIENCE GROWS, BANDWIDTH PRICES  
FALL and of course, d/l speeds increase.

So thats the plan stan, any red flags?

On Aug 26, 2005, at 2:00 PM, Steve Watkins wrote:
> Great stuff, Im not sick of it at all, and there always seems to be
> some new numbers or news thrown in to fascinate me.
> Wahey subscriptions for extra content, groovy, is there any chance
> this might incorrporate my requests to pay for a higher resolution
> rocketboom? Did I hear someone say something the other day about you
> and HD? Or if not, even a full DV res version would be nice.
> If that subscription idea is concrete and going ahead then I'll
> subscribe, whether or not its higher resolution, but Im just letting
> you know for market research purposes that at least 1 viewer wants a
> HD rocketboom :) What would I pay? Hmmm dunno say $10 a month with a
> lower price for a whole years subscription or something.

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