They've had these sort of bizarre adds before and, in fact, when I saw the first one I'm pretty sure I posted the same question to this list. Was it real, and did Rocketboom make any money? Like you, I was just curious. (I haven't seen the one today, yet).

I think that Andrew said that they were just experimenting, in response to my question. As I recall he said that it was very important to him that the adds be consistent with the creative nature of rocketboom (and I believe they've succeeded in the "adds" I've seen). I don't think they made in money.

Also, I think most people expressed your feeling (at least I did), that it was reasonable and we hoped that Rocketboom DESERVED to make some money. Particularly since the previous adds, in my view, were consistent with the nature of the show (very funny).

... Andrew is probably too busy to check all these threads right now, but, Andrew, if you happen to see my reply and I'm way off on this, or I'm saying something misleading, let us/me know.

... Richard

On 8/29/05, Kunga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
In marketing circles the term "Viral Marketing" means "Word of
Mouth". Marketers don't think it's a negative phrase at all. I
seriously thought the Milk Council ad agency in NYC called Andrew and
made him an offer he couldn't refuse in spite of what he wrote last
week - like $$50,000 a month no content strings for 15 second tags
before the Rocketboom branding tag every day. Do you think they
should refuse such an offer?

Why wouldn't others here take that seriously? Am I the only one among
1300 members who thought that was not a joke? I thought it was a
funny ad. period. And it still is. lol. And the joke's on me.

But you see I am a member of this group that LOVES advertising.
sorry. I'm just built that way. So I have no ethical problems with
Andrew and Amanda selling advertising at all. In fact I wish they
would. Then they would be millionaires an give us even more wonderful
content. Which I think is inevitable anyway. But the sooner the
better I think.
Taylor Barcroft
New Media Publisher, Editor, Video Journalist
Santa Cruz CA, Beach of the Silicon Valley

On Aug 29, 2005, at 11:02 AM, Steve Watkins wrote:

> The name 'viral
> marketing' is deeply negative and sinister and probably gets peoples
> defenses up before they even know what it means.

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