Good to know. I should have figured they would play games with each  
market. But my point is that if she can get that rate for 6 months it  
is highly likely she will be able to renew at the same low price for  
the another 6 months. They do not really jack up the price at the end  
of a promotional price period. They simply offer you another contract  
for the same low price. You may have to phone and request it before  
your contract expires. Don't just let it expire without interaction  
with customer service. In that case they will jack up the price. But  
if you ASK for a low price renewal, my experience is, they will give  
it to you.

Perfect example is in April they sent out an offer for DSL Pro for  
$29.95 a month. I was in the middle of a $27.95 for base DSL  
"contract". I phoned and they gave me the Pro for $29.95 right away -  
forget the contract. Then about a month or two later they started  
sending out promotional literature offering DSLPro for $25/month.  
First time I phoned to ask for the price reduction I was told it was  
only for new customers and only online. When I tried to order it  
online the web browser told me DSL wasn't available in my area. This  
was while I was using DSL Pro to get lower priced DSL Pro. So I  
phoned again after continuing to receive promotional literature about  
the lower price and said "I don't think it's fair for you to be  
hitting me with all this promotional literature for the lower price  
and not giving it to me because I took you up on your earlier offer  
for $30 a month b4 the price change. Rep left the phone to talk to  
super and came back with agreement to give me the lower price.

Moral of the story is you can negotiate lower prices if you persevere  
and don't take no for an answer from the first customer rep. Ask for  
a supervisor. If they say no, call again another time and talk to a  
different supervisor. Rephrase your point of view to convince them to  
give you the lower price. Be charming not hostile.
Taylor Barcroft
New Media Publisher, Editor, Video Journalist
Santa Cruz CA, Beach of the Silicon Valley

On Sep 1, 2005, at 7:35 AM, Markus Sandy wrote:

> that's incorrect (it may be true for you, but not throughout the major
> California metro areas and certainly not in the rural areas)
> it goes at least as high as $79.95 for home DSL in some (non-rural)
> areas in CA
> there are still lots of places in California where there is still  
> no DSL
> service (I'm talking citites here, not rural)
> there are even more places in California where you can't get DSL  
> anymore
> (gone bye bye)
> some DSL providers are great, many are not
> Kunga wrote:
>> Where are you? DSL in California is $14.95 a month. Have you checked
>> prices for broadband lately? They have plunged a lot in the past 3
>> months.

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