The bitrate bug has been discussed a few times since you discovered
this group, I believe. It seems that under certain conditions 3ivx
does not honour the number that you put in the bitrate box. It seems
to manifest when using QT7, and 3ivx in dual-pass mode. Symptoms are
that bitrate (and thus filesize) end up way larger than specified.
There may be other factors that determine when this bug occurs, eg I
cant remember if it happens in suingle-pass mode or whether it happens
ith QT7 on non-Tiger systems.

I believe a recent post from Michael Verdi said that he had spoken to
3ivx about this, and that they will fix it, but there isnt a fix
available yet. By the way Michael, I believe people started calling
you Verdi because one or 2 people used your surname in a
familiar/friendly informal way, on this list, and the trend caught on.
Names can be funny like that, I should know being elbows lol.

As for the issue of whether it is free. Well once it probably was, or
at least everyone assumed it was. Then I noticed that there was a
store on the 3ivx website, and so I read the words on their site and
learnt that you are only allowedd to use it free for
testing/evaluation, according to what is written, you should buy it if
you publish content encoded with it.

For whatever reason this fact appeared to want to escape people, so I
made an excessive number of messages here dealing with the subject,
because I didnt want videobloggers following free guides to
accidentally break a software license. Im sure it was annoying, but
enough people acknowledged the issue here, and changed advise in
guides, so I shutup about it.

As Im a waffley humanoid with spare capacity to type words on the net,
I dont mind going through all this stuff again. But maybe some people
whove been here ages dont want to hear this from me again. On
front page there is a brown 'buy now' button, so you dont really need
to rely on me to expand on this point and to evaluate for yourself
whether I am correct or talking garbage.

Steve of Elbows

--- In, Kunga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I thought it was free. What bitrate bug. Link? Or please explain in  
> depth. I just downloaded it for my next post. It 'doesn't work with  
> 10.4.2 and QT 7? Are you serious? Since when do we have to buy it?
> -- 
> Taylor Barcroft
> New Media Publisher, Editor, Video Journalist
> Santa Cruz CA, Beach of the Silicon Valley
> On Sep 2, 2005, at 11:41 AM, Steve Watkins wrote:
> > I
> > havent been able to post video of h264 & 3ivx comparisons because Im
> > not allowed to publish 3ivx videos unless I buy 3ivx, and I wont buy
> > it unless they fix the Tiger/QT7 bitrate bug.

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