Taylor, I agree with you.  However, I can tell you that as someone new to vlogging (like many here), one tends to avoid making posts with new topics.  I know I feel "shy" in that way and I am one of the least shy people you will ever meet.  It is easier (and less obtrusive) to simply put in your comments in a reply mode.
That said, I couldn't agree more with your advice.  When you raise a new issue in a thread with another title, most members will probably not read your comments.  Few have the time to check out all the postings here.  It certainly helps when people do as you suggest--take the statement and use it as an intro with a new title line in your post.
I have to reiabel most of the emails I save in my files so I can tell what the real content is about.
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Subject: [videoblogging] Mail Subject Format Technique

Thank you for the kind words Randolfe. I think a lot of members don't 
know how to start new threads every time their reply veers off the 
parent subject. That is what causes thread name vs content confusion. 
So a reminder to all:

You make a NEW mail NOT reply to:


Make an address book entry for that address and use it when your 
reply is not really about the topic you see in the subject line 
please everyone.

with your TO THE POINT new string name for our OS X and Thunderbird 
Mail and PC Outlook clients to sort this stuff appropriately. Yahoo 
will take care of the group tag automatically adding it as all the 
copies are mailed out. This would help a great deal in keeping the 
Subject line relevant to content of posts. For example in all of the 
Katrina discussion, nobody took the time to make a NEW topic with the 
word "Katrina" in it. Until I got fed up with all the Katrina talk in 
topics like i/ON etc...

NOTE: you cannot delete a subject and change it's name - that will 
stay in the WRONG string. You MUST make a NEW send with the above 
address. NOT a reply even if you change the name. thank you in 
advance for your consideration.

In OS X Mail you can search for "compression" inside all the mail. 
But my point is if we each pay attention to our posts and keep to the 
subject listed. In fact I'll do it right now. I'm gonna copy all of 
this - what would have been a reply and PASTE it into a new string 
called "Mail Subject Format Technique".

So I am creating a new string from a reply to an outdated and 
irrelevant subject line while still retaining the last person's quote 
which led me to make this new string.

Taylor Barcroft
New Media Publisher, Editor, Video Journalist
Santa Cruz CA, Beach of the Silicon Valley

On Sep 1, 2005, at 11:37 AM, Randolfe Wicker wrote:
> I find the technical discussions here to be invaluable and have 
> been developing my own files by putting my own title of the matter 
> being discussed in each posting since "the thread" title would be 
> repetitive and possibly misleading.
> I've been so busy reading, I haven't even had time to research the 
> archives of this group.  I just wonder if searching by keywords 
> like "compression" will penetrate the thread titles in which they 
> are frequently buried.


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