Thanks for bringing this up.  I've been wondering about tagging which
I haven't used yet.  It seems so unstructured and open that I'm not
sure how to tag things so they'll be found.  I would think people can
use several words for the same meaning.  And one word can have several
meanings.  I do think tags need to be loosely coupled, but I think
there should be some recommended structure and guidelines.

   -- Enric

--- In, "Steve Watkins" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sorry Ive just got thoughts related to my previous opensource ranting
> buzzing round my head, but a bit more specific, Im remembering some of
> my reasons for caring about this stuff.
> A while ago when many of the tools were new and still in initial
> development, there used to be a lot more tech talk here about things
> such as tags and how differnt applications could connect to different
> websites, how different sites could ahre data with eachother etc.
> Now theres been loads of great progress in these areas, and Im a bit
> out of date with it all. But I recall that at least once or twice, we
> got onto issues about how different services could share data, make
> tagging more effective, etc. I dont hear so much about this stuff here
> recently, so I wondered how things like mefeedia and fireants tagging
> stuff is doing. Are there many or any impenetrable islands of data,
> and pieces of the videoblogging services/software jigsaw that are
> totally disconnected. All with the aim of making tagging etc systems
> more useful by having data from multiple sources etc, that sort of
> Pete used the word 'trust' a few imes in his reply to me, which is
> understandable, but my opensource rants werent really about trust. If
> I didnt trust any person, service or software, Id never use it in the
> first place. Its far more about having 'redundancy' in the system, if
> one server, service or app dissapears for any reason, how badly does
> it affect videobloggers? Is there any way to help guard against this,
> can opensource play a part? 
> To what extent is datasharing between services occuring already, are
> any of them feature & datarich enough, and matured enough to the
> developers satisfaction, to ideally offer API's of their own?
> Or if none of this makes sense or Ive gone in at too narrow an angle
> to have a conversation about it, hows the videoblogging world doing
> with metadata sharing and metadata in general? Is tagging working for
> videoblogs, do any of these topics have anything to do with whether we
> could ever offer a better videoblog viewer stats system. What was the
> final outcome of the debate about how a non-centralised videoblog
> directory for use by apps like fireant is best achieved? How did I get
> so out of date on all this stuff?  
> Cheers
> Steve of Elbows

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