That was very interesting Susan.  I think we've gotten hit a few times on this list by spammers.  However, I can only wonder about people who are semi-spammers or just crafty salespeople.
For instance, people on this list are probably pretty well off, generally speaking.  On the advice of people on this list, I've purchased hosting space, a new computer, a LCD monitor.  I am certain that their advice was genuine and real. In fact, I appreciated the input from all--including many who advised me to choose a different computer or to get a far less expensive Mac.
However, while looking around at the pmachine site (which you gave me in an off-line answer to a specific question about systems you used) I found an offer I had seen previously on the Dreamhost site--they give you 10% commissions (and at Dreamhost continuing commissions as long as the person you referred continues as a customer--I didn't read as carefully at pmachine) on purchases made through referrals.
Spam doesn't worry me.  We can spot spam.  However, would anyone really be able to spot a tech-informed promoter for good products whether they be Apple computers or Sony Cameras or some sort of conversion software or whatever?  In a world where large corporations pay to just have their product sitting on the table in Soap Operas and Movies, isn't their reason to be paranoid?
By the way, I'm sure you're no agent for Sony.  I'm certainly going to check out the Sony M1 camera you recommend.  Of course, technology being the way it is, today's greatest camera is next week/month/year's "also-ran".  Waiting for the next generation of computer (that was always just six month's away) and which would have twice the capacity for the same money or less kept me from getting a computer for about three years.  That was a real mistake.  I should have taken a neighbor's advice to get any computer and just start exploring the Internet.
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I had a conversation with someone last week about comment spam... and
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See, I'm not the only one!  ;)


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