in order to see the embedded QT in both IE and Mozilla (firefox), you need to have embed and object tags.  You only are using the embed tag. 

On 9/12/05, Kunga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Copied from an off topic subject field and turned into a new thread
with On Topic Subject:

Regarding my < > site

I worked this weekend to make all my posts open in QuickTime Player
instead of a new browser window. Nothing dowloads in advance of a
click now so the page loads very fast. There is a poster movie of the
Sony 4k Projector on top as Enric recommended and the rest are jpgs -
not yet poster movies. While I could see the jpg that I had there,
Sometimes, inconsistently, I cannot see the Poster movie in Safari on
Mac 10.4.2 QT 7.0.2, but I can in FireFox 1.5 beta 1. Perplexed...

Most of the movies start fast in the QuickTime Player just after the
downloads begin but not the Sony 4k due to bug in 3ivx dual pass
10.3.9-QT 6.5.2 fast start encode. It starts after the 54 mb download
completes. <sigh...>


A consultant friend of mine came in this morning saying that he can't
see any of my images on any of my posts now on a PC at a coffee
house. Can anyone confirm this please as I do not have a PC setup to
test? Is that because they are jpgs and not Poster Movies? Can
everyone see the QT Poster Movie of the Sony 4k projector but not the
rest below?

What do you all think is the most compatible way to post for both Mac
and Windows? Do you think opening in QuickTime Player a bad idea
because many Windows PCs are not set up with QuickTime? Or does our
universe of audience members know to have QuickTime for Windows
installed? Just wondering how many more times I will have to redo my
site before I get the formula right...

Thank you all for your assistance.

Taylor Barcroft
New Media Publisher, Editor, Video Journalist, Video Podcaster
Santa Cruz CA, Beach of the Silicon Valley

On Sep 11, 2005 at 10:27 AM Enric wrote:

Yes, I have quicktime installed on IE6 and have viewed quicktime
movies on that browser.  It still has the same problem.

I took your page and modified it with a 1 frame quicktime movie and
then it came up fine on IE6.  Have a look at "Creating Poster Frames", .  It says
there:  "Once you create the image that will serve as your poster
frame you need make sure that it is saved in qt format and ends
with .mov"



--- In, Kunga <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> No the </embed> tag is there but the <no embed> link set was missing
> which I added now. Does that fix the IE 6 problem. You have to have
> QuickTime installed you understand right? Thanks for the feedback.
> --
> On Sep 10, 2005, at 9:37 PM, Enric wrote:
>> On IE 6 on PC the <embed... areas comes out as a white boxs with
>> scroll bar on the right.  If I click on the box, nothing happens.  It
>> works correctly on FireFox on the PC.
>> Two things I noticed:
>> 1) You're missing the closing </embed> tags.

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