The only way I can get my non-geek friends to understand what videblogging is:

"It's like podcasting.  But with video."

I hate it as much as the next, but at the end of the day I don't really care that much. Come to think of it, say the word "blog" five times and listen to how stupid it is.  Or, for that matter, "spatula".

On 16-Sep-05, at 2:28 AM, Eric Rice wrote:

--- In, Michael Sullivan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> it sucks. sorry eric. it sucks. i dont like it for audio, i certainly dont
> like it for video. an iPod and any mobile device is only one-part of the big
> scheme of things anyways.
> i wont dare suggest a new word for audiocasts at this point

I agree-- It is a lame term, and it splattered everywhere and stuck. *hard*. I guarantee that
the second the media gets hold of it, they'll do the easy and the natural, and the learning
curve is chopped to shit, because half of the phrase is known.

More than likely I think we'll see that the terms get used interchangeably. I'm compltely
arbitrary when I use video podcast vs videoblog. If I'm talking to consumers, I use VP. If I'm
talkin to youse guys, it's vb (or if I'm lazy, it's vlog.)

At least that's how my head works. Heh.




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