Jay, I sent an email to Andrew just a couple days ago suggesting he highlight a "vlog of the day" with just a few seconds of exposure and a link to send people there after watching Rocketboom.
That would be a great way for good vlogs to build an audience.  It would also be a good way for Rocketboom to have a steady source of new and interesting stuff.
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> This is precisely what I've tried to do with my vlog. I focus on
> rock and roll, but not just rock and roll but the narrow sub genre
> of Garage Rock. It's not so much of a community effort but I do post
> videos that bands and other people send me. The problem that I'm
> finding is that many people that should be in a natural audience for
> me aren't all that technologically advanced. I'd say that about half
> of them don't have broadband yet, and or don't have computers that
> are modern enough to view my videos. This is a community that is
> almost proud of being tech illiterate. It's like they'd be selling
> out to the man if they decided to upgrade their computer or
> something. I've been trying to convince them that they would be
> doing the opposite. It's DIY media, and the DYI ethic is strong in
> the underground rock and roll community so you would think it should
> be a natural--but it's not, for a lot of them anyway.


you got one of my favorite videoblogs.
i love the punk bands you put up.
its completely makes sense in the evolution in DIY music and presentation.

ive also noticed that there are a lot of pseudo-hip people who shun technology.
fuckcomputers. fuck the internet.
its a shame that rampant rebellion must spread into ignornace.

i got a friend who just got a cell phone. its 2005 for fuck sake.
of course, he used to annoy everyone with his diatribes on "wanting to
be disconnected".
now he loves that cheap nokia phone he bought.

bottom line:
keep doing what youre doing.
there's enough of us to give you an audience.
others will come around.
we have a lot of educating to do.

the #1 biggest hurdle is teaching people about subscribing to RSS feeds.
people have no prior experience with it so its brand new.

maybe  andrew barron of rocketboom could use some of his popularity to
point his audience to others doing good work.
pick of the week or something.
he's a guy who could teach people about subscribing to RSS feeds.


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